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North Facing, by Tony Peake, cover by Anna Morrison North Facing, by Tony Peake, cover by Anna Morrison

'This beautiful, moving novel is vast in how much it recounts and how deeply it makes us feel.'
Edmund White

'Tony Peake's compelling and haunting new novel makes the political personal... It is elegaic in its depiction of things half-understood, telling in its detail, and a gracefully achieved work of art made more powerful by its quiet anger and understatement.'
Shena Mackay


For one long, intense week in October 1962, the Cuban Missile Crisis brought with it an East-West stand-off and the possibility of nuclear holocaust.

On the other side of the globe, in Pretoria, a group of schoolboys scan the horizon for signs that the world is about to end.

There is political tension here too, and the power struggles and cruelties of the boys mirror the corruption of a deeply divided country. Paul Harvey – sensitive, isolated and desperate to fit in at school despite his English heritage – will do whatever is needed to please the class ringleader, Andre du Toit.

Now in his sixties and living abroad, Paul is drawn back to South Africa to confront the unexpected and chilling consequences of this seminal boyhood moment – and the part he unwittingly played in the drama that unfolded.


North Facing, by Tony Peake
Paperback: Myriad Editions, Oxford, 2017. 193pp. ISBN 978-0-9955900-2-1
Ebook: ISBN 978-0-9955900-3-8


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