Derek Jarman reviews

Peake’s extraordinary achievement is to have captured the spirit of each age, tracking the growth of Jarman the artist and man in the context of the changing world around him… Every great life is made greater by a great Life, and Peake has given Derek Jarman the biography he deservesSimon Edge, Gay Times, February 2000

This is a superbly written biography, both evocative and gritty, as much a social history of post-war Britain as a life of an artistIan Graham, Irish Independent, 12/02/2000

Unlikely to be surpassed as the ultimate assessment of a unique, colourful and subversive genius still sorely missedPhilip Hamer, City Life (Manchester), 26/01/2000

Outstanding… the thorough-going life story that the British experimental director and gay crusader deservesNigel Andrews, Financial Times, 27/11/1999

The best kind of biographical writing – simple and transparent – so you see through to the life James Hopkin, Independent on Sunday, 21/11/1999

That Jarman lived and died on the cutting edge of contemporary culture is central to the thesis of Tony Peake’s monumentally well-researched and fittingly respectful biography of this multifaceted personality. Peake… is his subject’s perfect biographer Jeremy Reed, The Times Metro Section, 13-19 November 1999

This unblinking record complements the arresting images and conscientious objector’s spirit left by its incandescent subjectI-D Magazine, October 1999

(A) clear and candid biographyNed Denny, The Daily Mail, 14/01/2000

A substantial, sympathetic lifeRichard Canning, The Independent, 04/02/2000

Remarkable man, remarkable bookGQ Magazine, December 1999