Sexy, unpredictable, sometime alarming, always entertaining. Most of the stories are previously unpublished, they’re English, South African and American. There is one oddity – an awful lot of them seem to involve academics. The academics tend to be overweight or dreary to look at, but they star in the best stories… This is nice work – energetic, provocative, not to be taken lying down.
The Observer

It’s a hot little number this one, a page turning selection of steamy scenarios. Twelve writers with brutal humour and insight, explore seduction’s many faces: the surrender of control, oblivion of passion and post-coital embarrassment.
The Weekly Journal

An unsettling but wonderfully eclectic collection of stories.

Includes work by A. L. Barker, Mary Flanagan, Damon Galgut, Steven Kelly, Francis King, Deborah Levy, Shena Mackay, Tony Peake, Will Self, Ray Shell, Barbara Trapido and Elizabeth Young.

Paperback: Serpent’s Tail, London, 1994. 224pp.
ISBN 1-85242-314-5 

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