Son to the Father reviews

A mystical vision of ordinary life… this brilliant and rapturous bookHugh Barnes, The Glasgow Herald, 25/11/1995

In Son to the Father, Tony Peake has created a complex inner journey towards a sense of self-identity, while at the same time using his hero’s inability to realise his own emotional potential to create a sense of tantalising beyondnessJulian MacMillan, The Richmond Review

A novel of constraint and reflection; a journey of self-discovery and the past explained, of destiny and deeper pattern found… (the) novel is loaded with wit, entertaining double meanings and cultural asidesDouglas Reid-Skinner, The Star & SA Times International, 01/11/1995

Many complex themes are interwoven in this unusual storyAlbert du Toit, Eastern Province Herald, 27/11/1996

The shallow seductiveness of the film industry is well rendered, as is the hero’s tentative exploration of the homosexual impulses he has been suppressing. Probably the strongest element in the book is the hero’s relationship with his father… The emotional impasse between the grizzled veteran of the Spanish Civil War, and his impossibly, infuriatingly agnostic son is very well described; and the breakdown of those long-standing barriers brings the story to a moving finaleJulia Flynn, The Sunday Telegraph, 30/07/1995

(Tony Peake) writes with dry ease on the difficulty of being aliveDavid Hughes, Mail on Sunday, 27/10/1996