Short Stories

Short Stories

Man Dancing

Queer Life, Queer Love – edited by Matt Bates, Golnoosh Nour, Sarah & Kate Beal

Muswell Press, London, 2021. 277 pp. ISBN 978-1-83811-016-1 (pb) 978-1-83811-017-8 (ebook)

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11 July 2021: First place in the Frome Festival Short Story Competition with Your Call.

The Bluebell Wood

Best British Short Stories 2016 – edited by Nicholas Royle

Salt Publishing, Cromer, 2016. 263 pp. ISBN 978-1-78463-063-8 (pb) 978-1-78463-064-5 (ebook)

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The Bluebell Wood

Anglo Files No. 177, September 2015

The Good Butler

Speak My Language, and Other Stories – edited by Torsten Højer

Robinson, London, 2015, 572pp. ISBN 978-1-47211-997-1 (pb) 978-1-47211-998-8 (ebook)

The most sharply-observed character in the collection, with a satisfying ending that gives a good kicking to the well-worn queer-lit trope of the past-it gay man powerless in the face of youthMatthew Bright, January 2016

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Raw Material

The New Writer, May/June 2010

History Lesson

Yes, I Am! Writing by South African Gay Men – compiled by Robin Malan & Ashraf Johaardien

Junkets Publisher, Cape Town, 2010, 176pp. ISBN 978-0-620-45828-3

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Lucky for Some

The Sunday Express, 17/01/2010

10.30 from Metlaoui

Vrij Nederland Magazine, June 2007

Fairy Tale – an essay

The Way We Are Now: Gay and Lesbian Lives in 
the 21st Century – edited by Ben Summerskill

Continuum, London, 2006, 214 pp. ISBN 0-8264-8785-8

As serialised in The Guardian, 22/04/06 – Why Grandad Lives with Peter

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A Portrait

New Writing 13 – edited by Toby Litt & Ali Smith

Picador, London, 2005, 355pp. ISBN 0-330-48599-7

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By the Pool

The Gay Times Book of Short Stories: New Century New Writing – edited by P-P Hartnett

Gay Times Books, Millivres Ltd., London, 2000, 305pp. ISBN 1-902852-19-2

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A Son’s Story

The Mammoth Book of Gay Short Stories – edited by Peter Burton

Robinson Publishing, London, 1997, 486pp. ISBN 1-85487-518-3

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Crossing the Line

Winter’s Tales 10 – edited by Robin Baird-Smith

Constable, London, 1994, 223pp. ISBN 0-09-473830-0

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A Son’s Story

New Contrast – Volume 22, Number 2, June 1994

The Good Butler

Seduction – edited by Tony Peake

Serpent’s Tail, London, 1994, 224pp. ISBN 1-85242-314-5

Tony Peake’s tale expertly teases the reader as it oscillates between prurient sex scenes and the crisp moral cleverness of its butler heroTom Morris, The Guardian, 15/02/1994

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A Son’s Story

Winter’s Tales 9 – edited by Robin Baird-Smith

Constable, London, 1993, 217pp. ISBN 0-09-472810-0

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Necessary Appendages

The Penguin Book of Contemporary South African 
Short Stories
– edited by Steven Gray

Penguin, London, 1993, 305pp. ISBN 0-14023-726-7

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Girl Dancing

Winter’s Tales 8 – edited by Robin Baird-Smith

Constable, London, 1992, 190pp. ISBN 0-09-471600-5

As read on BBC Radio 4 on 13/02/1996 by John Michie. Produced by Sara Davies

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Necessary Appendages

Winter’s Tales 7 – edited by Robin Baird-Smith

Constable, London, 1991, 304pp. ISBN 0-09-470810-X

A raunchy story of sexual ambivalencePublishing News, 16/08/1991

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