About Tony

Tony’s parents were English, although he himself was born in Johannesburg (in September 1951) because his father, Bladon, had been invited to South Africa to direct feature films. He grew up largely in the village of Irene, between Johannesburg and Pretoria. He went to school in both cities, all of which lies behind his most recent novel, North Facing

He attended Rhodes University, where he majored in English, before moving to London with his wife and their young son (his daughter was born soon afterwards) to work under Charles Marowitz and Thelma Holt as production manager at the Open Space Theatre in Tottenham Court Road. 

Then came a spell on Ibiza, teaching English, History, and Drama at the Morna Valley School. He and his wife also ran a stall (hats, skirts, dolls and jewelry) in the hippy market at Es Cana.

After the end of his marriage, he returned to the UK and jobs in modelling, acting and film distribution. He then became a literary agent, starting at London Management in Regent Street, where the Apple Store now stands, before setting up on his own (as Peake Associates) in 1989. This he did from his back room in Kentish Town.

He currently spends most of his time, when not travelling, in north east Essex, where he lives with his civil partner, Peter Cartwright, also South African and a retired actor. In addition, he greatly enjoys being grandfather to his five grandchildren.

Tony has written three novels (A Summer TideSon to the Father and North Facing) and a biography of Derek Jarman. He has edited a collection of short stories on the theme of Seduction. His own short stories have been included in a variety of anthologies.

He is a patron of the Jarman Award.